Best Island Resorts in the Philippines

The Philippines is an entire archipelago of beautiful islands perfect for anyone who wants a taste of the tropical life. For the lucky few who want exclusive access to the wondrous views and amazing waters of the country, the best private island resorts in the Philippines are designed for exactly just that.

5. Apulit

An El Nido eco-adventure island resort, Apulit Island is a veritable visual treat. The island is nestled in Taytay Bay, set against a backdrop of a limestone cliff, a spattering of caves, lush vegetation and crystal-clear waters. Water cottages open out to the sea, and customer service is at par with the other resorts on this list. It also offers a plethora of activities for guests, including spelunking and island hopping.


4. Bellaroca


Set in the heart-shaped island of Marinduque, Bellarocca is a beautiful gem of a paradise. With its Santorini-inspired architecture, it is easily identifiable from afar - treating one to quite a dramatic landscape of sky, sea, and sand. True to its cultural heritage, the resort also greets guests with a traditional welcome song. And it has a collection of rooms, casas, terrazas, and villas perfect for all types of party sizes.


3. Huma


A tiny pendant of a paradise in the string of islands that dot Palawan, Huma enjoys a mystical history that makes it an ideal hideaway for people who want to take a break from the stresses of daily life. The island blesses guests with amazing views of the azure Pacific, complemented by well-appointed over-water villas with a decidedly local touch.  It also has the distinction of having the only authentic Moroccan Royal Bath Ceremony in the country.

No matter where you’re from, you’ll find something to enjoy at one of its six restaurants as food choices include Lebanese and Italian cuisine. And the resort provides a slew of activities for a truly amazing stay - from spa therapies to wreck diving.


2. Amanpulo


Set on reef-ringed Pamalican Island in Palawan, Amanpulo is famed worldwide for delivering on its promise of an island retreat for its fortunate guests. The resort features luxurious accommodations with direct access to its pristine beach, as well as views of the magnificent Sulu Sea. Its customer service is excellent, worthy of the Filipino hospitality we are known all over the globe for.

It is also a tropical paradise in every sense of the word. Amanpulo plays an active role in preserving the turtle sanctuary in the island, and it also supports surrounding communities through a foundation. Food served at its restaurant is sourced and mostly produced by the community.


1. Balesin

Located off the coast of Polillo in the Quezon Province, Balesin is a sprawling 500-hectare tropical island that is a haven for its members. With 7.3 kilometers of perfect white sand beaches, as well as top-class facilities and amenities, anyone lucky enough to set foot inside it will have a perfect tropical experience unmatched anywhere else. The Royal Villa in itself is enough to give that impression. A standing homage to Asian royal heritage, it is ideally situated on a bluff that offers views of the Lamon Bay and the Sierra Madre mountains.

But it’s not just designed to be a paradise, it also does its part to make sure its beauty is sustainable in the years to come. The island utilizes water harvesting, water recycling, on-site eco-friendly transportation, organic farming, and alternative sources of energy.