Top Party Boats in Manila

Partying in Manila is a spectacle in itself, but even the hardest partygoer can get tired of the scene quickly if it’s the same old thing happening time and again. So if you’re looking for a different kind of experience in the city, hop aboard these party boats and cruise on to new waters of pure fun.

Shanti (Up to 45 people)

Dance the night away cruising around the sights and sounds of Manila aboard the Shanti. A 70-feet testament to the combined power of form and function, Shanti is a party yacht that is perfect for a wide range of parties. For starters, it can house up to 45 people – which makes it ideal for events with quite a hefty guest list.

You can host your party out in the open air of its expansive viewing deck, or keep it intimate and private inside the yacht’s airconditioned saloon. With three tastefully-decorated cabins, you and your guests will not run out of room for freshening up, or storing the booze!

For an enhanced party experience, the Shanti is equipped with a slew of amenities. These include a 32” LCD display, and a PA sound system.


Spirit of Manila (Up to 80 people)

Cast off into the waters of Manila Bay and have the most happening party away from the shore. Run by Sun Cruises, the M/V Spirit of Manila is an 80-capacity party vessel that features two decks lined with modern furnishings for your kind of fun.

Host your event away from prying eyes inside the yacht’s enclosed lower deck, or revel under the stars on its open-air upper deck. Also featuring comfortable cabins and entertainment equipment, you and yours can look forward to a grand time.